Bewo Machine - Automatic Saw, Deburring, Stacking, Washing equipment, and Sawing Line made by Bewo

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Machinefabriek Bewo B.V.
P.O.Box 5059
5004 EB Tilburg
De Kroonstraat 15
5048 AP Tilburg
Kraaiven 3025
The Netherlands

Phone: (+31) 013-4676915        Fax: (+31) 013-4680201



Founded in 1932 by two residents of Tilburg, their first product was a cross-cut sawing machine. They expanded their products to circular sawing machine and today is one of the premier suppliers of complete sawing lines.

Bewo's automatic saws are built for strength and stability to guarantee high levels of production and durability over many years. Bewo offers 4 models: the RCH, for medium production, the FCH for high quantities and speed, the ECH for heavy profiles and large dimensions, and the DCH, with its unparalleled speed.

Bewo deburring machines can be supplied with a manual or automatic feed. The automatic feed allows the deburring machine to be installed in-line with the full range of Bewo automatic circular saws. The DB-90 has 300 mm diameter brushes with a length of 600 mm. Bewo deburring machines are designed to deburr round, square and rectangular tube.

The BMS measuring unit can be installed in-line with all Bewo automatic circular saws, deburring and washing machines and makes it possible to accurately measure, record and sort all products into accepts and rejects, within the desired tolerance range.

They offer an automatic TCS stacker.

Sawing lines can be automated even further by adding a tube washer, capable of internal and external washing, irrespective of the shape of the tube, whether it be round, square or rectangular. Bewo offers the TCM-90 TCM-90 tube washer manufactured from stainless steel with glass wool insulation to minimise heat loss and a 1200 mm drying zone.

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