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Bliss Clearing Niagara
1004 East State Street
Hastings MI 49058

Phone: (800) 642-5477        Fax: (616) 948-3313



Bliss Clearing Niagara does not manufacturer new stamping presses, but they do still sell replacement parts and remanufacture existing stamping press equipment.

They have a service department available to assist you when you need a factory trained expert. Their service representatives can help you with your needs, including: Start-up and maintenance instruction with the purchase of larger stamping presses, pre-purchase press inspections, preventative maintenance inspections, press adjustments and repairs, and finally recommend enhancements to improve the performance of your stamping press.

Bliss Clearing Niagara maintains an inventory of Torc-Pac drives to meet the immediate service requirements of 22 to 6,000-ton mechanical presses that are equipped with a Torc-Pac clutch and brake drive.

If it becomes necessary to replace the Torc-Pac drive, a completely interchangeable replacement Torc-Pac is dispatched immediately from inventory. Upon its arrival, the Torc-Pac can be installed in a matter of hours, returning the press to full production.

Bliss Clearing Niagara has three standard clutch maintenance programs to keep your Torc-Pac equipped press running; the "PMP" scheduled maintenance program, a factory-rebuild and return program, and a direct-exchange program. In either of these programs, Bliss Clearing Niagara can act as your inventory and source for all your Torc-Pac clutch units, service and replacement parts.

To increase the performance of an older, inefficient press a Torc-Pac conversion package can be energized to replace the existing clutch and brake unit. Sized to the press tonnage, the conversion package contains all the components needed to increase the productivity of the press and reduce clutch maintenance.

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