Boyar-Schultz Tooling - For screw machine, turret lathe, CNC lathe, and reversing spindle automatic screw machine by Boyar Schultz

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A Division of Lester Detterbeck, Enterprises Ltd.
3390 US 2 East
Iron River, MI 49935

Phone: 800-533-3328        Fax: 906-265-6195



This is a list of some of the tooling available from Boyar-Schultz.

Box Tools

Box tools are used in the turrets of screw machines, turret lathes, and CNC lathes. They are recommended for turning diameters where straightness, accuracy and finish are of primary importance.

Burnishing/Knurling Thread-Rolling Tools

These are good tools for use where a surface smoother than the usual machined finish is required.

Single-Function Tools and Accessories

    • Model BTn
    • Recessing Tool Blankn
    • Screw Machine Cam Rollers & Pinsn
    • Model G
Tooling Components

    • Roller Blockn
    • Roller & Pins
    • Screws & Spare Part Kitsn
    • Inserts
Drill & Reamer Holders

Floating holders are used for holding drills, reamers, and other cutting tools in screw machines, turret lathes, CNC lathes, and CNC turning centers.

Roller Rest

Roller rests are used in screw machines, turret lathes, and CNC lathes to provide support for a workpiece undergoing a cross slide operation.

Copper Head Laps

Copper extends the life span of the sleeve, thereby reducing downtime for lap changes. Copper Laps can be used on practically any material -- hardened steel, carbide, chrome, ceramics, etc. They offer both standard sizes and special expansion sizes.

Rapi-Change Tooling

    • Mastersn
    • Tool Holders
Tap Holders

Adjustable releasing tap holders are used in screw machines, turret lathes CNC lathes, and reversing spindle automatic screw machines.

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