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The Burgmaster machine tool company was started by a Czechoslovakian immigrant, Fred Burg, in his garage during 1945. Burg's first product was a tool holder which allowed a machinist to reduce down time by reducing the time for tool changes. The company, though small and with only a single product, prospered. In 1947, Burg adapted the idea of a turret lathe to the drill press introducing the turret drill into the machine tools marketplace. The end of World War II flooded the machine tool market with war surplus machine tools. Despite the large supply versus demand, Burg Tools continued to prosper because they offered productive innovations.

Burg Tools started developing numerically controlled (NC) machine tools in the 1960's. They led manufacturers exploiting this technology. Burg Tool went public in May of 1961, providing capital for manufacturing improvements and increased R&D.

Burgmaster started selling a low cost, low featured version of their turret drill.

Japanese competition started selling similar products at a lower cost and although Burg Tool successfully defended their patents in Japan and secured an injunction against the Japanese manufacturer, the Japanese negotiating licenses from Burg Tools to allow the Japanese manufacturer to make several of the smaller Burgmaster machine tools. A Spanish company was soon discovered making a similar patent infringement. Burg Tool decided to go international and become a global competitor.

By the end of 1964, Burg Tools had license arrangements with machine tool companies in England and Germany, exporting Burg technology to the world. The U.S. machine tool technology was the best in the world.

In 1965, Burg Tool was purchased by Houdaille Industries in a friendly takeover. The Burg family left the company and this division of Houdaille slowly died. In 1986, the assets were sold to help retire some of the dept of Houdaille as part of a company restructuring.

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