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Deckel Maho Gildemeister
DMG Chicago Inc. - USA-Chicago
1665 Penny Lane
Schaumburg, IL. 60173

Phone: (847) 781-0277        Fax: (847) 781-0388



Deckel Maho is owned by Germany's Gildemeister group. More than 1,500 customer service representatives worldwide.

Dedicated to the production of horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, and lathes.

Some new machines include:

DMC 63 H: the new horizontal machining center featuring the "box in box" concept. The highlight of this product is the center sleeve, which is light and fast, with a long Z-travel (560mm) and high rigidity. It is arranged in a closed vertical carriage, as many as three linear guiding systems guarantee optimum acceptance of the machining forces. The time for drilling work is drastically reduced. Simultaneously, the large dynamic force of the spindle carriage decreases tool wear and tear.

DMC 85 V: a prototype at EMO 99, is close to being a distributional reality. The vertical machining center not only deals with the machining of light metals, but also handles steel cutting. Fully digital high tech linear motors constitute one main technology. With considerable feed values of up to 8 kN, they ensure rapid acceleration values of up to 2g and feedrates of up to 120m per min.

DMU 100 T: the new universal machine is equipped with a driving power of 10/15 kW. It allows for complete machining on five sides. Twin 32 is the new 2-spindle lathe center for bar and chuck work. It is designed to impress suppliers to the automotive industry and users from the hydraulics, fittings, or electrical/electronic industry.

DMU 35 M: Uses the latest technological standards with a choice between two easy-to-operate path controls the Siemens 810 D or Heidenhain TNC 310.

DMU 80 and 125 FD: Similar to the high tech universal milling machines of the DMU P series. They have the same structure and almost all the features of DMU P machines. Its torque of 3200 Nm, the rotary table allows a wide range of turning operations on large and bulky workpieces.

Lathe and Turning equipment:
  • NEF Universal Lathes
  • CTX CNC - Universal Lathes
  • CTV Vertical Lathes
  • TWIN Dual-Spindle Turning Centers
  • SPRINT Production Lathes
  • GD / GLD CNC Long Automatic Lathes
  • GM Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathes
  • GMX Turning-Milling Centers
  • Milling Product Lines:/b>
  • DMU-M/T Universal Milling Machines
  • DMU-P/V CNC-Universal Milling Mach.
  • DMC-V Vertical Machining Centers
  • DMC-H Horizontal Machining Centers
  • DMP/DMC-U Univers. Mach. Centers
  • DMF Traversing Column Machines
  • DMU-FD/DMC-FD Milling-Turning
  • DMP Vertical Manufacturing Milling
  • K: KF FP1 FP2 FP Gildemeister Collet
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