Herr-Voss Machine - Used Coil Processing Equipment including Levelers, Cut-To-Length, Coil Slitting, and Processing Lines made by Herr-Voss

For info:

Herr-Voss Headquarters
130 Main Street
Callery, PA 16024-0178

Phone: (724) 538-3180        Fax: (724) 538-3056



For over 100 years, Herr-Voss has manufactured coil processing equipment for the metal working industry. Herr-Voss equipment features advanced technology, durability and reliability.

They have developed sophisticated precision roller leveling, tension leveling, and the Strand Extensioner slitting process equipment.

Their current products include:
Precision Levelers
        • Light Gauge Precision Levelers
        • Heavy Gauge Precision Levelers
        • Levelers in Stamping
        • Levelers in Roll Forming
Tension Leveling Systems

Cut-To-Length Lines
    • 20'-0" or 40'-0" Stacker
    • Coil Capacity to 100,000 lbs.
Light Gauge High Speed Rotary Shear Lines
    • Aluminum, Cold Rolled, and Coated Materials
Bright Lines - Stainless and Aluminum
    • Roll Feed or Rotary Shear Process
    • Paper and PVC Applicators
Coil Slitting Systems
Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Black Plate, Stainless, Nickel and other Alloys, Non-Grain Oriented Silicon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Painted, Plated or Polished Metals.

Continuous Processing Lines
    • Annealing Lines & Push Pull Pickle Lines
    • Cleaning Lines
    • Coil Preparation Lines
    • Inspection Lines
    • Coil Coating Lines
    • Grinding and Polishing Lines
    • Cut-to-Length Lines (Loop Pit, Start / Stop, Flying Die, Rotary Shear, Rocking Head Shear)
    • Sheet and Plate Stackers
    • Banding and Packaging Lines
    • FlatWrap Packaging Systems
    • Sheet, Plate, Coil Transfer Systems (Walking Beam, Chain Conveyors, High Speed Shuttle Cars)
    • Sheet Levelers
    • Precision Roller Levelers
    • Flatteners, 2-Hi & 4-Hi
    • Tension Leveling Lines
    • Tension Leveling Systems
    • Press Feed Systems
    • Multi-Blanking Lines
    • Slitting Lines
    • Strand Extensioner® Slitters
    • Edge Trimmers
    • Scrap Cutters
    • Coil End Jointers
    • Squaring Shears
    • Sheet Slitters
Multi-Blanking Systems
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