LeBlond Machine - Used Parts and Rebuild LeBlond CNC lathe and Makino Milling Machine made by LeBlond

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LeBlond Ltd
3976 Bach Buxton Road
Amelia, OH 45102

Phone: (888) 532-5663        Fax: (513) 943-0101



In 1887, R. K. LeBlond founded the R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Company to manufacture metal cutting lathes. Over the years, they have changed their name and focus a number of times, but since 1997, they have focused on the service and support of all LeBlond lathe equipment manufactured since their inception.

Since 1997 they acquired the W. F. & John Barnes Company, Standard Modern lathe service parts business, the Johnson Press and Deka Drill service parts businesses, and the South Bend Lathe and parts businesses.

Their product support team has many years of service and an extensive product knowledge of LeBlond lathes and can help your LeBlond machines, South Bend and Standard Modern lathes, W.F. & John Barnes, Johnson Press and Deka Drill equipment continue to perform well.

They offer technical advice, trouble shooting, and on-site support. They also will remanufacture your equipment to original specifications.

They perform PC based control retrofits for CNC and NC machines. Inexpensive retrofit upgrades can improve machine performance and flexibility. Machines can be retrofitted with Open CNC, a true CNC control built with an open architecture where CNC functions are performed in software running on a standard PC. By replacing your old CNC with Open CNC, your machine could perform better.

Thousands of quality accessory and tooling items are available for your turning requirements. They also sell previously owned equipment.
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