Mazak Machine - Used CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Vertical Machining Center, CNC Lathe, and Chuckers made by Mazak

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Mazak Machine Tools
PO Box 970
8025 Production Dr.
Florence KY 41022 0970

Phone: 859-342-1700        Fax: 859-342-1865



Mazak manufactures a wide range of machine tools including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, CNC turning equipment, Quick Turn Lathes, multi-tasking lathes, Slant Turn CNC Lathes, and chuckers.

Horizontal Machining Center
    • The PFH Series
    • The FH Series
    • The FF/F3 Series
Vertical Machining Center
    • The Nexus Series
    • The VTC Series
    • The Versatech Series
    • The FJV Series
Quick Turn Two Axis Lathes
These are compact, flat-bed lathes are designed for ease of operation. They use a Mazatrol controller, have automatic tool measuring, and fully programmable tailstock. Available in a large range of sizes and options.

QT Series:
    • QT-6G
    • QT-6T
    • QT-200
    • QT-250
    • QT-250HP
    • QT-250C
    • QT-280L
    • QT-30
    • QT-350XS
    • QT-40
Slant Turn CNC Lathes
The Slant Turn CNC lathe has a 15 station tool turret for heavy duty cutting of large workpieces. It has a rigid slant bed over 34" wide. The machine weight ranges from 10 to 13 tons. They have a three geared spindle motor for heavy cutting at any speed.

Power Master Chucker and Universal
60 h.p. with up to 1,200 rpm for heavy cuts. Accurate cam-lock type quick-change toolholders, double turret configuration, one piece bed, fast and easy programming and heavy duty construction. Many large bore configurations available, ranging from the standard 4.6" to 20.7." Available front and rear chucks help accommodate long tubing projects.

Multi-Task Machining
Mazak has developed several models of machinery, which can perform various manufacturing operations without manual intervention. These machines can give you the capability to turn, drill, tap and mill in one set-up, automatically transfer parts from first to second operations, and automatically load or unload the part during machining.

The following product lines are their multitasking products:
    • Multiplex
    • Integrex
    • Super Quick Turn
    • Dual Turn
    • Quadrex
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